Ways of Participating

This page is under construction. It contains a list of possible ways to participate in the project, but the list is currently incomplete. Even when it is complete, it will continually be updated as the status of our short-term goals changes.

For this project there will be a team of people based in Cambridge, some funded by the project and working on it full time, and others funded in different ways and devoting a proportion of their time to it. See our participants page for more details.

However, we also hope very much that there will be remote participation. These pages are intended to facilitate that by setting out as clearly as possible what our short and medium term goals are, and suggesting what people can do to help us get closer to attaining them. Here we shall simply list the goals. For more details about how to help with a specific goal, you can click on its listing. For those wishing to help improve our website, see the How to Interact with our Webpage guide.

Theoretical goals

We would very much like to have satisfactory answers to the following questions. In the first instance, the priority will be the first question, but any advances on any of the others would be very welcome.

  1. What does it mean for a proof step to be fully motivated?
  2. Is there a good way of measuring the difficulty of an individual problem?
  3. What is a subtask and why do subtasks help?
  4. What are the computational constraints on a human mathematician?
  5. How do we learn from experience when solving problems?

Designing algorithms for broad classes of problems

  1. Extending ROBOT
  2. Extending EQUALS
  3. Existence problems
  4. Inequalities
  5. Non-equalities
  6. Algebraic reasoning

To be continued.